Thank you for looking up my Project Strange Symbiosis on Makersplace. Here you can learn a little more about the story behind the project. I wanted to do this time a special Drop so this time the collector gets a Physical Object along with the Token.
You will finde the whole collection here:
The 1/1 pieces have already been sold to Paddy Stash aka NotTodayNoNoNo and  Aure Gimónon on Makersplace! Thank you so much for the support!
Each piece comes with a HIGH REZ PNG for Personal Usage and also a Print for the innitial collector shipped worldwide.
If a Collector picks up the whole collection with both 1/1 and also oneof the 1/3 the Collector recieves the 3 Prints and also one of the artworks that he or she choose as an Digital Frame shipped worldwide.
I was allways superfacinated with Nature and how Nature envolves and addapts and also some symbisis seems totaly out of this world. This Series focus on the strange Symbiosis that could happen in Nature or that could be out there and nobody discovered it till now.
The Cambrian explosion has repeated itself on land and produced Strange Symbioses.

Above you can see a specimen of the genus Myxomyce-psylocibin-eucaria. It is assumed that this spontaneously created Symbiosis, which is a cross between fungus and bacteria, is not harmful to the human organism and turns out to be extremely resistant due to the symbiosis. Similar to Lichen Plant, this genre is completely independent.
On the left you see one of the superrare Symbiosis between inorganic Gemstones and a slime mold that live their life in pure Symbiosis and produce  aurum and Amber.


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